Doberman Pictures loves working together over and over….we don’t want a deal, we want a relationship.

Our unique and collaborative approach is based on trust, and that shows in the shows we make.

Our approach

Art grounded in storytelling

At Doberman, we’re passionate about clear and entertaining storytelling, not just creating pretty art. Focusing on the storytelling gives our talented crew of artists a unique opportunity to push their capabilities further than ever before.

  • doberman storyboard
Laser-focused on preproduction

We prioritize design, storyboards, and animatics. By not staffing every department in production and only focusing on the fun stuff, we’re able to attract the brightest and most expressive animation professionals in the biz.

  • doberman team empty office
Right-sized studio

Our work is challenging, and we all wear many hats throughout the day. By focusing on sustainable growth, we can keep our team lean enough to sustain our inclusive culture and support our staff 100% of the time.

  • office workers at table
True collaborators

Working with DreamWorks is, well, a dream! Like DreamWorks, we love to collaborate, which means our team is actively involved in shaping the content of the shows we design.

Our projects

  • Our artists make Doberman what it is: the best studio in Vancouver and beyond.

  • At Doberman, we keep our crew small and elite. Working here means creative freedom that’s free from pesky big-studio bureaucracy.