Doberman is an off-leash park for your creative and wild ideas.

A small and elite team of artists allows us to keep “bureaucracy” outside, where it belongs.


Our values are the foundation of our studio and are expressed in our work. We fail when we stray from our values, and we don’t stray often!

    Love your craft

    We’re craft-obsessed animation professionals, and Doberman is a space where creativity and passion run wild.

    Artists first

    We know that good work comes from engaged artists. We never put profits before our art or our artists.

    Be passionate about learning

    To be the best, you have to stay ahead of the pack. At Doberman, we’re constantly learning and trying on new and different hats. Here, we’re always ready for the next challenge.

    Always speak your mind

    At Doberman, every team member can feel safe and supported in speaking up and having their say. Doberman is the sum of its parts, and we’re strongest when we bring our whole selves to the table.


Feel alive and animated at Doberman

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  • Who is Doberman Pictures?

  • We’re a preproduction studio in Vancouver, Canada. At Doberman Pictures, your inner artist and collaborator are free to actively shape our culture and our work.