At Doberman Pictures, we’re an
“Artist’s Best Friend.”

We keep our teams small but mighty, creating an environment where everyone has a voice.

Humble beginnings

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Founded in 2018 by friends Jim, Dallas, Craig, and Rob, Doberman has always been about doing things differently. Doberman is a studio where elite and passionate artists feel at home and are among like-minded artists.

A clear vision

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At Doberman, our art always takes centre stage. A genuine love for the craft of animation and storytelling guides our every move.

The studio of choice

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Our artists-first ethos has led to thoughtful growth and resounding success. But more importantly, it’s created a workplace culture that is unique in Vancouver and even the industry as a whole. The engagement and success of our people in and out of the studio are critical to the success of Doberman. We keep things simple, friendly, and fun.

Our fearless leaders

These friendly faces lead from within the group, not from above. They may have founded Doberman, but they make sure everyone’s voice is heard and actively influences the studio.

  • dallas parker
    • Dallas
    • Co-Founder / Creative Director
    • In 2018, Dallas changed career paths from animation creative to furniture builder. After hand-making all of the desks at Doberman, Dallas is delighted to announce his permanent return to animation.

  • Craig Roberts
    • Craig
    • Co-Founder / Creative Director
    • Craig has worked as a creative in animation for over 25 years. He has a good slap shot, plays a mean banjo, and wants to be a magician when he grows up.

  • rob simmons
    • Rob
    • Business Affairs
    • Rob is charged with the business operations of Doberman and he operates on a strict philosophy that the business operations should enable the essential creative efforts of the artists, not frustrate them! A Mechanical Engineer armed with an MBA, Rob has worked in business affairs, finance and studio guidance in animation for over 20 years. A true believer in the power of collaboration in communities, Rob is active with a number of industry associations dedicated to the advancement of the industry in Vancouver, in British Columbia and in Canada.

  • jim corbett
    • Jim
    • Co-Owner
    • Starting in the industry in the mid 90s at Mainframe Entertainment working on such classic properties as Reboot, Beast Machines and the ubiquitous Barbie movies, fast forward past 1000s of minutes of animation and having Produced a couple of earlier DreamWorks projects, this eventually led to Jim and the partners unleashing Doberman Pictures.

  • Join the pack!

  • If you care about the craft and want to learn and grow as an animation professional, Doberman is the place for you. Check out our openings today.