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Doberman is an inclusive workplace.  We are striving to create a culture where everyone feels empowered to be their authentic selves; a workplace that values diversity across gender, race, age, religion, identity, and experience. 


If you think any of the jobs below are right for you, please email us at Jobs@dobermanpictures.ca 

Add your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line and attach a resume and reel to the email.  

*Applicants must be BC local, CDN/PR candidates only please*

Title - Art Director


Job description: As Art Director, you are expected to manage and maintain the overall visual design and quality of the project, while inspiring and leading the visual direction of your 2D Design Team.  You will digest creative materials and prepare for, and lead, design handouts by communicating overall direction, design requirements, and expected level of polish to the Design Team.  Subsequently you'll provide ongoing feedback for each iteration of design and color, as well as offer effective and production-friendly solutions to design problems.   In addition, you'll be hands-on alongside the team, taking on assignments and revisions as needed.  There will be frequent communication with our other departments and production partners, so you need to be comfortable participating in group meetings.

Title - Production Coordinator - Animation & Lighting/FX


Job description: This is for our current CG production with Dreamworks.  You will be responsible for shipments to our overseas partner, who will complete all shot production.  You'll receive daily submissions from this team and ensure material is reviewed and noted in a timely manner through Shotgun, our tracking system.  Alongside the other members of the production team, you will have the overall production deadlines top of mind, and will be able to identify potential issues that would affect the overall schedule.  You will work closely with the creative stakeholders on the production, often documenting notes and action items.  Attention to detail, organized and great communication skills are key.  Working knowledge of Shotgun is best.

Title - Production Assistant


Job description: This person is ambitious and keen to take on a variety of tasks!  You'll get to contribute to the current shows in production at the studio, providing great exposure to a variety of aspects of the business.  This can include (and not limited to) entering data into our production tracking system, organizing meetings, taking notes, helping operations and IT onboard/offboard employees, shipping materials, etc. Great communication and organizational skills are a must, along with a good knowledge of MS Office and/or G Suite.

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DESIGNERS - June & August 2021




FLASH ANIMATORS- August & September 2021


AFX ARTISTS - October 2021

EDITOR - July 2021

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