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Doberman is an inclusive workplace.  We are striving to create a culture where everyone feels empowered to be their authentic selves; a workplace that values diversity across gender, race, age, religion, identity, and experience. 


If you think any of the jobs below are right for you, please email us at Jobs@dobermanpictures.ca 

Add your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line and attach a resume and reel to the email.  

*Applicants must be BC local, CDN/PR candidates only please*

Title - FLASH ANIMATOR -- Positions Starting immediately

Job Description - The Flash Animator is required to create dynamic animated character performances. We use Adobe Flash/Animate to create scenes from rough to clean. The animator must have a strong foundation in classical animation skills, with a strong emphasis on acting, staging, posing and timing. You will be working with the Animation Supervisor and Director to create animated sequences that meet the quality standards and schedule.

Title - FLASH ANIMATION REVISIONIST -- Starting immediately

Job Description - In this role you will revise and polish existing 2D animation to the specifications of the Director and Animation Supervisor, using Adobe Flash/Animate. You must have a strong foundation in classical animation skills, with a strong emphasis on acting, staging, posing and timing. A keen eye for detail is essential.

Title - AFX ARTIST -- Starting LATE OCTOBER 2021

Job Description - In this position you will be collaborating alongside the Director and Supervisors to design and create the style of AFX for a 2D series. You must ensure that production deadlines are met while producing work that meets the quality standards of the project. A proficiency in Adobe After Effects and Flash/Animate is required.

Title - Pipeline TD - start date November 2021

Job Description - Our Pipeline TD will be responsible for developing and maintaining software tools, providing support to various artists and departmental leads.  This involves ongoing troubleshooting of our CG and 2D animation pipeline.  We work largely with DreamWorks and engage with overseas partners who would do most of the asset creation and shot production.  We are seeking a self starter here to lead our charge in developing a complimentary pipeline for Doberman and our trusted production partners.

Title - Unit Director (CG Series) - start date December 2021

Job Description - Our Unit Directors will set the story telling standards of the series and provide creative leadership to the storyboarding and editing teams.  Unit Directors will be the key point of contact between the creative and executive teams and will be responsible for making sure deadlines are met.  Ideal candidates will show a high degree of ownership of the series while mentoring and empowering team members to ensure the highest level of quality.  Our Unit Directors must have experience managing creative teams, a strong sense of story and an in depth understanding of the animation pipeline.

Title - Designer (CG Series) - start date November 2021

Job Description - Our Designers work closely with the show Creative Leadership to maintain the established Art Direction of the show.  The Designers create original production designs through an iterative process (including turnarounds and other detailed reference as needed for asset creation).  Will be able to work in line, greyscale and colour.  Experience in designing for 3D animation is a must.  The Design team will be designing a variety of non-human characters/creatures, facial expressions, environments and props.

Title - Talent Specialist - start date November 2021

Job Description - Our Talent Specialist will cross over a variety of functions within our studio - talent relations, development, training, human resources, information systems, performance management, people and culture initiatives and some recruitment during peak periods. We are seeking an ambitious, personable individual who is willing to grow with our studio, and excited to take on a variety of tasks at this early stage.  This position will have input on studio initiatives and bring new ideas to the table with the focus on the crew.

Title - Production Manager - starting immediately

Job Description - Our Production Manager is the glue that holds the production teams together.  With an eye on the overall schedule, they have the ability to break this down into departmental tasks, tracking their progress day to day.  Project management skills are key - this includes strong organization, excellent verbal/written communication skills, teamwork comes naturally, goal-oriented, approachable and adaptable.  You'll cover all parts of the CG pipeline, so a good understanding of these dependencies and how it fits together is key.

Title - Storyboard Revisionist 


Job description: Our Storyboard Revisionists will work closely with unit directors to shape our storyboards to a level that meets and exceeds the client's expectations. 


  Ideal applicants will have board experience and/or a desire to grow their storyboard skills.  Knowledge of Storyboard Pro is a plus.  Must be able to work under the pressure of deadlines, must have a strong work ethic and must have strong time management skills.  The versatility and ability to adhere to various show drawing styles is also vital in this position.