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If you think any of the jobs below are right for you, please email us at Jobs@dobermanpictures.ca 

Add your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line and attach a resume and reel to the email.  

*Applicants must be BC local, CDN/PR candidates only please*

Title - CG Animation Supervisor

Job description: Our Animation Supervisor works closely with the show Creative Leadership to maintain the established Animation style of the show.  The Animation Supervisor assesses scripts and storyboards to ensure they align with our CG production pipeline and guides the film making, continuity, and staging of each segment, ensuring that all deliverables align with the production’s schedule, technical specifications, and creative vision of the series.


Title - Lighting/Compositing Supervisor

Job description: Our Lighting/Compositing Supervisor works closely with the show Creative Leadership to supervise and achieve the desired look of the series as it relates to lighting and compositing.  In this highly creative position, the candidate will  also work with the Partner Studio Lighting Team to setup, light, rig and ensure consistent environment and character lighting throughout the series.


Title - Designer


Job description: Our Designers work closely with the show Creative Leadership to maintain the established Art Direction of the show.  The Designers create original production designs through an iterative process (including turnarounds and other detailed reference as needed for asset creation).  Will be able to work in line, greyscale and colour.  Experience in designing for 3D animation is a must.  The Design team will be designing a variety of non-human characters/creatures, facial expressions, environments and props.

Title - Unit Director


Job description: Our Unit Directors will set the story telling standards of the series and provide creative leadership to the storyboarding and editing teams.  Unit Directors will be the key point of contact between the creative and executive teams and will be responsible for making sure deadlines are met.  Ideal candidates will show a high degree of ownership of the series while mentoring and empowering team members to ensure the highest level of quality.  Our Unit Directors must have experience managing creative teams, a strong sense of story and an in depth understanding of the animation pipeline.

Title - CG Pipeline Supervisor

Job description: Our CG Pipeline Supervisor will work with the Creative Leadership to execute their vision, ensuring artistic quality and continuity is maintained. The CG Pipeline Supervisor will work closely with the CG department supervisors at our Partner Studio -- setting clear objectives and monitoring process, progress and results.

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